Do you experience problems with food / eating that you cannot seem to resolve yourself? We understand that. If you are also autistic, it is a search for what works best for you.

Maybe you feel stuck in therapy at the eating disorder clinic or you have just been told that you are autistic. Or you simply have never dared to ask for help. Whatever your situation may be, we are willing to think with you. Are you looking for a listening ear, practical advice or support concerning food / eating? We look at what works best for you.

At Centrum Spectra we put your wishes and needs at the center and really think along with you.

Do you have autism (ASD) and also a eating problem / disorder and do you recognize (one of) the following situations, or do you have another question? Then please contact us.

  •   I have trouble with certain structures of food.
  •     My diet is the same every day (I like to eat the same products).
  •     Applying structure (in my daily eating routine) is difficult for me. I have trouble planning and organizing.
  •     Eating is an obsession. I am compulsively occupied with food for a large part of the day.
  •     The social aspect of eating gives me stress / tension.
  •     I have difficulty feeling my hunger and / or the feeling of satiety.
  •     I prefer to control changes in my body by dieting.
  •     I have no idea what my body needs to function well.
  •     Changes in my (eating or exercising) pattern causes stress or causes anxiety.
  •     I never got any further in treatment because I didn’t feel understood.
  •     I have the feeling that I have not been able to meet the expectations of a clinic / treatment.

Are you a professional and are you dealing with clients who have the combination of autism and a restrictive eating problem / restrictive eating disorder? Then you have come to the right place.

We discuss the case in individual sessions and provide customized advice. We also provide development of expertise in the form of training courses.

Our own experience in working with this group of women and our experience expertise means that we have a broad knowledge of autism combined with restrictive Eating Disorders. We understand how difficult it can be to find and apply appropriate treatment / guidance. Therefore, we understand that occasionally you get stuck in treatment with a client.

Do you recognize (one of) the points below, or do you have a question? Then please contact us.

  • I got stuck in contact with the client.
  • My client stubbornly sticks to unhealthy patterns and / or reacts (extremely) emotional with changes in the eating / exercise pattern.
  •     The more I direct the client, the more she seems to oppose the treatment.
  •     My client does not comply with the agreements we made during our sessions.
  •     My client continues to deteriorate and the treatment / supervision does not seem to work.
  •     I don’t know what to do with the (eating) behavior of my client.