Adult Autistic Meltdown today: an Inside Look

Date: August 07, 2019
Author: Fierce Autie

I try to use my personal experiences to educate you guys. Today there was one. Its been an extremely long time since I had one last. I am going to explain what happened leading up to the meltdown and how it affected me.

So yesterday, I was at a dog job and I was walking up and walked past a downed branch. I had a thorn stuck in my big toe. I pulled it out and thought nothing of it. I continued to take the dog out for a walk.

A few hours later, it started to swell and become red. I waited a few more hours and went to the emergency room. After local anesthetic and the doctor digging at it, she was only able to remove a small piece. She was really nice about it, went slow with me and explained everything as she was doing it. She sent me home with antibiotics and pain medication. She told me to follow up with a podiatrist. I got home, I was acting funny because I have low tolerance for pain medication. It was funny. I went to bed soon after my goofy behavior.

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