Differentiating autism and anorexia nervosa

Author: Annelies Spek
Date: 22-05-2022

Whitepapers differential diagnosis ASD

The outward behavioral characteristics of ASD can at times closely resemble those of other diagnoses, which can make the diagnostic process extremely complex. At the Autism Expertise Center, located in the town of Eemnes in the Netherlands, we have developed a number of white papers based on scientific research and our own clinical experience.

These white papers are designed to aid in differential diagnosis (ASD or another diagnosis) and evaluating for comorbid conditions (both ASD and another diagnosis) in people with ASD or suspected ASD. The two main goals of these white papers are:

  1. Providing information to diagnosticians struggling with differential diagnosis and evaluating for comorbid conditions in people with ASD or suspected ASD.
  2. Helping people with ASD and their loved ones to better understand why they have (or have not) received a particular diagnosis.

From: anneliesspek.nl Link: https://www.anneliesspek.nl/whitepapers-differential-diagnosis-asd/