Individual Services

Do you experience problems with food / eating that you cannot seem to resolve yourself? We understand that. If you are also autistic, it is a search for what works best for you.

Maybe you feel stuck in therapy at the eating disorder clinic or you have just been told that you are autistic. Or you simply have never dared to ask for help. Whatever your situation may be, we are willing to think with you. Are you looking for a listening ear, practical advice or support concerning food / eating? We look at what works best for you.

At Centrum Spectra we put your wishes and needs at the center and really think along with you.

Do you have autism (ASD) and also a eating problem / disorder and do you recognize (one of) the following situations, or do you have another question? Then please contact us.

  •   I have trouble with certain structures of food.
  •     My diet is the same every day (I like to eat the same products).
  •     Applying structure (in my daily eating routine) is difficult for me. I have trouble planning and organizing.
  •     Eating is an obsession. I am compulsively occupied with food for a large part of the day.
  •     The social aspect of eating gives me stress / tension.
  •     I have difficulty feeling my hunger and / or the feeling of satiety.
  •     I prefer to control changes in my body by dieting.
  •     I have no idea what my body needs to function well.
  •     Changes in my (eating or exercising) pattern causes stress or causes anxiety.
  •     I never got any further in treatment because I didn’t feel understood.
  •     I have the feeling that I have not been able to meet the expectations of a clinic / treatment.

Individual services

At Centrum Spectra you can ask for information and you can make an individual appointment to talk to a hands on expert (via phone or Zoom) who has first hand experience with Autism (ASD) and an Eating Disorder.

Our hands on experts

For who?

The individual sessions are meant for girls or women from the age of 18 and older who have Autism (ASD) and experience problems with eating, or have been diagnosed with an Eating Disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa (AN).

Perhaps you are waiting for an intake for treatment, or you are in between treatments and you would like to have someone to talk to in the meantime. You can also use the appointments with our hands on experts as an addition to the treatment that you are already receiving. In that case we will suggest you to communicate to your healthcare worker that you have additional appointments with an hands on expert at Centrum Spectra.

What can I discuss?

During the sessions you have the possibility to talk about things that you find difficult and occupy you at this very moment. This can be subjects related to food, like having difficulties with eating enough, planning your food and dealing with eating in social situations. You can address subjects that are not directly related to food, like dealing with your Autism (ASD), daily (family) life, school, work and relationships.

Incidental and regular appointments

You can choose to schedule incidental appointments. There is also the possibility to plan regular appointments on fixed days and times. You can choose between one hour sessions or 30 minute sessions. In some cases it can be helpful to plan two 30 minute sessions a week, instead of a one hour session.

Are you curious to know what we can do for you? Contact us and let`s have a talk.