Services for Professionals

Are you a professional and are you dealing with clients who have the combination of Autism and a restrictive eating problem / restrictive eating disorder? Then you have come to the right place.

In many organizations there is still little known about working with women on the Autism Spectrum and specifically about working with women on the Autism Spectrum who also have an Eating Disorder, such as Anorexia Nervosa (AN). Many healthcare practitioners experience a lack of knowledge and experience and because of this, a lack of faith in regards to working with these women. This hinders and complicates the treatment relationship and the final result of the treatment.

Our own experience in working with this group of women and our experience expertise means that we have a broad knowledge of Autism combined with restrictive Eating Disorders. We understand how difficult it can be to find and apply appropriate treatment / guidance. Therefore, we understand that occasionally, you get stuck in treatment with a client.


Do you recognize (one of) the points below, or do you have a question? Then please contact us to discuss the possibilities

  • I got stuck in contact with the client.
  • My client stubbornly sticks to unhealthy patterns and / or reacts (extremely) emotional with changes in the eating / exercise pattern.
  • The more I direct the client, the more she seems to oppose the treatment.
  • My client does not comply with the agreements we made during our sessions.
  • My client continues to deteriorate and the treatment / supervision does not seem to work.
  •  I don’t know what to do with the (eating) behavior of my client.

Things that healthcare workers come across include the different ways of communicating of women on the Autism Spectrum, which differentiates from women without Autism (ASD). For instance, women on the Autism Spectrum can give very short answers, or elaborate extensively on a certain subject. These women can also have difficulties with communicating their emotions, needs and putting into words what goes on in their minds.

Different approach

Because of the different ways of communicating and because there is a different underlying cause of Eating Disorders in women that have Autism (ASD), these women require a different way of treatment as opposed to women with an Eating Disorder that do not have Autism (ASD).

Professional consultation

Are you a healthcare practitioner, do you work with a women with Autism (ASD) and an Eating Disorder and would you like to have a professional consultation about how you can adapt your treatment in a constructive way?

Information and education

Are you interested in information and education for your employees? Centrum Spectra offers online training modules for healthcare practitioners.

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