Training & Expertise development

Knowledge of women with anorexia (AN) and autism (ASD)

In many organizations relatively little is known about working with women with autism (ASD), let alone the combination of autism (ASD) and eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa (AN). This is not surprising, as this subject area has only started to receive attention in recent years. Many practitioners lack both knowledge and experience in this area, and as a result are less confident with regard to working with these women. This hinders and complicates the therapist/patient relationship as well as the final outcome of the treatment.

In order to ensure that the treatment and/or therapy matches as well as possible with the needs of the client and that the client is not over-stimulated during said treatment / therapy, it is important that the practitioner develop and maintain a certain level of expertise in the fields of AN and ASD.

Expertise of practitioners

Expertise in the field of AN combined with ASD enables the practitioner to empathize, understand and work with the fact that people with ASD are structured differently; by acknowledging the “difficult” behavior of women who have ASD in combination with an eating disorder, the practitioner can see this behavior as belonging to the ASD and as such give the client the recognition she deserves, as well as letting her be herself. At the same time the practitioner can also more effectively achieve an understanding of why someone with ASD needs the AN in order to survive at all, and that the rigid and compulsive thinking of someone with AN and ASD is a result of the ASD and not an unwillingness to work and make progress in the treatment. This improves the effectiveness of the assistance that the client receives.

To increase the expertise of the practitioners within organizations and to improve the care provided, Center Spectra provides training and expertise development in the field of working with women with autism (ASD) and eating disorders.

Training & Expertise promotion: practical

Center Spectra training courses are suitable for employees at both small and larger care institutions, and are given on site by experienced experts. There is also the possibility to follow the training at an external location.

Experience experts and real-life experience

The experience experts of Center Spectra are real-life experts in the field of autism and an eating disorder, as they have all recovered from an eating disorder at some point in time. This real-life experience enables them to speak not only about dry academic subject matter, but also give examples from their own lives and as such take the participants into the world of someone with autism and an eating disorder. In this way the training courses become an educational, interactive experience.
In addition, the experience experts have experience working with eating disorders at various organizations. This means that they can translate this into the work environment of the participants.

Subject matter in training sessions

Our training sessions are tailored to meet the demands and job tasks of the respective team / department. The subjects to be discussed are therefore always agreed upon in advance.

Topics that can be covered include:
– Anorexia nervosa
– Autism spectrum disorders in women
– Mutual influencing of anorexia and autism
– Communication with and treatment of women with autism
– Communication and treatment of women who suffer from eating disorders and who are on the autism spectrum
– Dealing with fear, coercion and difficulty adjusting to changes in the field of nutrition
– Autism and social-emotional development

Number of participants

To make the training as effective and comfortable as possible, smaller groups (on average between 5 to 10 participants) are preferred. When a team or department is made up of a larger number of participants, the participants are divided into groups and are spread out over the course of several training days.


Centrum Spectra provides in- company training.
This means we come to you and your company in the country that you are in.


The rates are dependent on the total number of hours included in a training, as well as the number of participants. The price is calculated per participant.

To receive more information regarding the options and / or to request a price quote, please contact us using either the contact form or a direct email.